Bespoke Framing

Bespoke framing can be used to enhance the beauty of art work, pictures and paintings. A good frame solution will be visually sympathetic to the art work. It must not overwhelm or fail to add aesthetic value. Technically a well-constructed frame serves to protect the art work and maintain it in pristine condition.

Our staff can help you choose a suitable frame with all the elements to complement your artwork.

Mount Cutting

Using our computerised mount cutter we can cut professional quality picture and photo mounts, including:

  • multi-aperture picture mounts
  • oval picture mounts
  • circle mounts, and
  • double mounts

The mounts can be cut using a large range of different colour boards.

Mount Wash Lining

Mount Wash Lining is the hand painting of lines in a variety of styles and colours around the mount aperture. It is traditionally used on water colours to accentuate the picture, although it can also enhance modern images.

Glass, Mirror and Perspex Cutting

We are able to cut glass or perspex to any size. We offer beveled, plain or antiqued mirrors which can be cut and framed to any size.

Picture Cleaning and Restoration

This is a very skilful and sensitive process that requires a restorer to work with great delicacy and care. We specialise in restoration of oil paintings, fine art on paper, watercolours, etchings, lithographs and engravings however, please enquire first as there is a very long waiting list.

Art restoration may include cleaning, repairing tears, removal of aged varnish, stabilisation, filling paint losses, retouching and revarnishing.

Conservation Framing

It is important that after the restoration of the art work to frame it properly using conservation framing and techniques.

Tapestry Stretching

We can frame many types of needlework and offer a stretching service for items,such as embroidery, cross stitch, tapestries and rugs. This is done by hand using twine around an acid free board.

Modern and Traditional Gilding

Our water gilding technique involves the careful and precise application of gold leaf to the frame. Gilding involves much surface preparation in order to achieve extremely high quality results, requiring several layers of a material called gesso rubbed down to a smooth finish. This is followed by layers of a clay based material called bole which can be burnished in readiness for the gold leaf which is applied using a gilders tip onto size.

Gold leaf is available in many different shades and colours from a rich 24-carat gold, white gold, moon gold, palladium,platinum, silver and simulated gold.
We also offer gilding with simulated metals which are applied with oil size.

Dry and Block Mounting

Dry mounting is the process where an image, fabric panel or artwork is bonded to a board using an adhesive heat activated tissue to give a smooth crisp finish.
Block Mounting is made by pressure bonding any image onto the front of a perfectly smooth MDF panel, using a specially designed high impact adhesive film to mount the printed photo.

The panel is then laminated with quality textured film, which protects your print from fading, dirt, finger prints and moisture.

Sports Memorabilia and 3-Dimensional Items

We can frame any sports memorabilia from football shirts to cricket bats. We are also experts in framing a large range of 3-dimensional items, which include shoes, records, medals, jewellery and Tower of London Poppies.

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